COVID-19 Resources and Information

COVID-19 School Response Protocols/Responses as of 10-1-2020

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MT-PEC Back to School Roadmap Emergency Public School District Policies OPI MT Schools Reopening Guidance MT Governors Plan for Reopening Safe and Healthy Schools
AASA Guidelines for Reopening Schools CDC COVID-19 Information AAP Planning Considerations: Guidance for School Re-entry
Massachusetts DESE Protocols if a Student or Staff Tests Positive for COVID-19 Outbreak Response Protocols K-12
Symptoms but Not a Suspect Case
Suspect Case
Confirmed Case
Close Contact of a Confirmed Case
Compressed Version of MA DESE Protocols

11-17-2020 Directive implementing Executive Orders 2-2020 and 3-2020 and limiting size for
public gatherings and events and limiting bar and restaurant capacity and hours.

4-7-2020 OPI – MT Student Education Meals and Materials COVID Handout

3-23-2020 Instructions for completing Plan of Action to be submitted to Governor’s Office

3-23-2020 Model Plan of Action Form – fillable pdf form

3-25-2020 OPI Pupil Transportation Questions and Answers

3-27-2020 OPI Online Resources Webpage

3-23-2020 Resources to Help Address the Homework Gap – Internet Provider Assistance

3-23-2020 Free Video Conferencing Apps – Services

3-23-2020 Online Resources For Teacher

04-22-20 Governors Directive – Reopening Phase One

4-22-2020 Reopening Montana Phased Approach. – Schools

4-22-2020 MT School Reopening Guidelines

3-20-2020 Governor’s Directive – Further Guidance on Schools

3/22/2020-Closure Extensions and Social Distancing Directive

3-25-2020 Governor’s Directive on Elections

3-25-2020 OPI – Elections Questions & Answers

3-26-2020 Stay at Home Order

4-67-2020 Extension of Governors Directives

3-23-2020 Montana Information About COVID-19 Cases

3-23-2020 US Information About COVID-19? Cases

3-25-2020 Ed Week Map of State School Closures

4/1/2020 National COVID-19 Projections(use with caution and check periodically for changes)